Monday, July 10, 2017

Of Enemy or Friend (and a few pho-etic Proverbs...)

Time’s dividend of touch and taste persuades us to pursue
The cue of enemy or Friend with whom we have to do
Ah, quickened leap of wake and sleep; each patron must decide
Whom they will serve with heart and soul where guilt and grace collide

The Truth, unless we seek it, cannot open up our eyes
Ah youth, then mine for it before your howling hunger dies
How numb we soon become when we are too preoccupied
With what we see instead of what we sense somewhere inside

We want for Much but much of what we want soon fades to naught
The prattle of a fool is nothing but noise swift forgot
How effortless the downward road, how hard the Upward climb
How pitiful the pomp and show of lords living for time

While man looks on the outward there is One who knows the heart
Where Friend and enemy within are near, yet far apart
Thus, while we live-love-labor in This Fleeting Thing That Is
Wisdom bids us remember, oh, we serve Much More than This

© Janet Martin

John Schmid raps a one-minutes sermon!


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