Thursday, July 6, 2017

Homage to Home...and Welcome Home, Dave update!

Too, too many 'broken' homes...
 How do we make a happy home?
With all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love,

Let's do all we can to make home a haven from life's storm, then...

Here the cares of life grow lighter
Here heart-hunger heals its groan
In the joy of the familiar
And the love of home, sweet home

Here the pull of give and taking
Fills a hull of wood-brick-stone
Here the memories we’re making
Turns a house into a home

Here a precious treasure; people
Here the grace by which they come
Makes us humbly, holy thankful
For this place that we call home

Here we gather, father, mother
Sister, brother, grab a seat
Happiness, a simple supper
In the peace of home so sweet

Here the bond of fond, fond laughter
Here the tenderness of tear
Here echoes that linger after
They have gone so far from here

Here the bud becomes a flower
Petals pressed into a poem
For here is life’s kindest hour
In the love of home, sweet home

© Janet Martin

Dave had one goal in mind as soon as the pain began to go home!

Tonight's first-day-at-home update from Karen Ropp-Martin
Hello everyone,
I would like to thank everyone who is praying and helping as we adjust to a new normal for a while! Yes, Dave came home around 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Last night he slept in one recliner chair in our living room and I slept in the other. We had a good night. He seems able to rest comfortably in the recliner. This morning Janet(Dave’s sister) came by and did a little cleaning. Donna H dropped in with coffees. She hung out, as well as folded some laundry and also picked up a few groceries. Pam W dropped off some stew for us and some homemade cinnamon buns. YUM! It is so amazing to have so many family and friends helping us through this time of trusting. We appreciate it greatly. All these little things add up to SO much and lighten the load so that I can just look after Dave. Luanne from Church is bringing supper tonight for the whole family and Dave’s parents are bringing a different recliner for Dave to try; one that tilts forward to make getting out easier.
I do admit it is so nice to have him home. I’m able to put my feet up and rest when he rests and be here for him when he needs something (especially at night) and it is going more smoothly then I thought it would. Things will probably come up, but with family, friends and God we will make it through.
A lot of people wondered how Feebee (our/Dave’s dog) did with Dave coming home. She was excited but she did really well. Josh had her on her leash so at first she was just so excited because she thought she was going for a walk, then she noticed Dave and just went up to his chair. Joshua made sure she didn't jump on him. Feebee is now eating because everything is back to normal!
Thanks and please continue the prayers as I’ve said many times before. We sure do feel them!

This is Feebee when I left Dave and Karen's house the other night.
I dropped some things off and was expecting the usual
jump-wag-knock-me-over greeting
but that night she just followed me with a question-mark on her face...

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  1. Delightful poem. Thanks for the wonderful update. I am so happy. Yes, I will keep you all in my prayers.


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