Thursday, April 11, 2019

To The One Who Works Wonders Without Number

 Today's sunrise was phenomenal, spanning the north and eastward horizon!

 Who does great things, unfathomable,
 And wondrous works without number.
Job 9:10

 PAD Challenge day 11: For today’s prompt, write a dedication poem.

To You, who spreads the wings of daybreak over land and sea
Magenta-coral glory gilds dawn’s yawning awning, oh
And thrums the thinning darkness with The Painter’s Majesty
And runs awry the quiver filled with starry heaven-snow

To You whose Mercy, new each morning grants another try
Where law greater than Duty authors wonder’s rev’rent praise
To you who draws the Barge of Time toward the by and by
While eyes behold but whispers of Your worship-worthy ways

To You who ever-faithful, never takes Your eyes off we
Who without fee are privy to the wonders of the world
To You who lavishes the girth of sod and sky and sea
With Beauty, Lord, let worship be love’s heart-banner unfurled

To You, who none can order or exceed in deed or grace
Oh Lord, let our awe outpour in kind humility
To You, the Author and the Finisher of human race
Who heaps time’s thoroughfare with glimpses of Your Majesty

We give You praise, honor and glory forever, amen
To You, the Way, The Truth and Life, Creator, Father, Son
To You whose Spirit dwells within the redeemed sons of men
We raise a song of worship, Lord for You are God alone

© Janet Martin

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