Monday, April 15, 2019

Then You Will Fly

PAD Challenge day 15; For today’s prompt, write a prediction poem.

 For the sake of what might be...try!
(that's what I tell myself when fear-demons jeer, sneer and leer) 

Fear will paralyze the Poem
Close your eyes and feel the Light
Let the Author of ink-oceans
Fit the Fledgling for the flight

Trust a leap of faith to paper
Bear the dare to share the art
Sometimes the pen is a saber
Carving courage from the heart

Steal the breath of death’s bystander
Seal this tender touch of time
With the tempo of tamed banter
Into mementos of rhyme

Beauty begs for recognition  
Brush the bruises from your sigh
Brave the height of inhibition
To know what it is to fly

© Janet Martin

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