Monday, April 1, 2019

Joy to the World. It's April

It's April! 

PAD Challenge day 1: For today’s prompt, write a morning poem.
and I like Robert's reminder to all of us: These prompts are just springboards; 
you have the freedom to jump in any direction you want.:)
 ...and THAT is an invitation no true poet can resist.
 Yesterday morning we woke either aghast or agape at what had taken shape over night...
Hopefully today's sunshine will do away with the color that has no business on April's tray

Unfurled like a banner of grace, blush and gold
The springboard to what waits to be breaks Time’s mold
A highway of hope and possibility
Unfolds from God’s covenant to you and me

Yon blanket of stars thins and flings o’er the earth
The grandeur of color in hymns of rebirth
The grail that refills what was drained by the dark
Burgeons like an ocean soon snuffed like a spark

Night’s fist, a mist-glove yields to a Higher Pow’r
Soft-kissed with the Love that beckon bud to flow’r
Inhale, exhale, darling, hope’s joy to the world
In blush-gold grace-banner of morn is unfurled

© Janet Martin

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