Thursday, April 25, 2019

Because The Best Things In Life Are Free...

This was going to be a poem for the prompt the other day but due to very on/off internet 
and very busy schedule it didn't happen. the internet is still weak at best. 
(Hoping it will work out the kinks on its own...)
also to add to blogging discouragement is a camera that only half-works 
so I'm borrowing another photo taken by my niece Brittany Ruppert
On a brighter note...enough baby-cuddles to make everything else worth it!

Have you ever had to pay
For a smile
Or a stroll in a
Warm summer rain
Or an entrance fee
To the free-flung isle
Where new day spills
A pink and golden train

Did you ever buy
The blue sky overhead
Or tickets
To nature’s symphony
Of brook-bird-breeze
Or the buzzing, busy bees
Or the soft, lisping lyric
In the tree

Or the hymn in the dimming of the day
Or the wild-flower garden at our feet
Or the awesome color-wheel of mauve-crimson-teal
On yon fringe where earth and heaven meet
Or the giggle or the grin of a child
Or the hush of a white wonder-world
Or the croon of a dove or the moon hung above
But beneath the Milky Way unfurled
Or the sheen of the greenest green of all
As earth dons shawls and frocks and frills
Or the trill of the lark or the still after dark
Or the way day empties and refills

Have you ever had to pay
For a hug
Or the tug when
Your heart-cup overflows
Or an entrance fee
To the perfect company
Of a baby with a
Little button nose…

© Janet Martin

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  1. Janet thank you for the reminder of the precious gifts that surround us every day.


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