Wednesday, February 6, 2019

There Will Be Buttercups (a February Fantasyland)

For your February dreaming pleasure!

There will be buttercups
Brimming with draughts of dew
There will be wild grass sighing
Where the dying day runs through
The silky, milky scarves of mist
Will drape dawn’s countryside
Where white daisy medallions strew
Green meadows far and wide
Silver highlights will brush the lush
Thigh-high cornfields with sun
And hills will tug at hearts to rest
And restless feet to run
The garden, fast asleep for now
Will waken wanderlust
To sting the dreamer’s eyes and brow
With tears of sweat and dust
Where fellowship with flowers is
Fine payoff for the pain
Of hours in the blazing heat
To beat weeds at their game
Zephyr-vespers will waft aloft
Soft on the eventide
The afternoon will offer seats
Of grass and moss, creek-side
There will be cricket-song
And Queen Ann's Lace-fringed lanes
And buttercups that brim, my dear
With warm, dust-fragrant rains
A hundred shades of green
Will break upon the earth
Where soon winter will melt into
Spring’s fountain of rebirth

© Janet Martin

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