Monday, February 25, 2019

Blizzard Ballad

 (Hubby's truck is not stuck literally but safely 'stuck' in Guelph; load delivered.)
Thoughts are with everyone doing double-shifts in hospitals, nursing homes, etc! 
Emily worked the early/day shift yesterday and got home just as it started. So thankful,
but can't help thinking of those who wish they were home but are staying to fill a need.
God bless all the second-mile soldiers!

Earth is a truck-is-stuck, beauty-struck haze
Tucked beneath knee-deep wires-down duvets

Home is a haven of warmth; favourite nooks
Stoked, quilted, woven and bettered with books

Happiness sips, stirs, hums, hugs, hopes and prays
For not everyone gets ‘blizzard-holidays’

Double-shift soldiers push, pull, shovel, shove   
Because nothing is colder than need without love

Tea kettles whistle, simmer, sing and smile
Poured into cups of joy; mint, chamomile

Art is a window that frames woolly gust
Thrilling the poet and vexing wanderlust

Hush-a-bye, restless eye, plush sky is felled
Heaven and earth in white-out mayhem meld

The road is deserted; no rushing of cars
No one can rein in a tsunami of stars

© Janet Martin

 Art is a window that frames woolly gust...

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