Wednesday, February 27, 2019

If Life Was A Ladder...

We enjoyed climbing this 'ladder' at Montmorency Falls. Que. last fall...

If life was a ladder
Then today would be
One rung-breadth nearer
To eternity

Sometimes while we chatter
It’s so hard to tell
We’re climbing a ladder
To Heaven or hell

This mileage of moments
Is destined to stop
Who knows the distance
From bottom to top

Ethereal pendulum
Swings to and fro
What we hold soon becomes
What we let go

What we take we should break
Like bread, to share
We are all ladder-mates
Just ‘getting there’

Dawn-to-dusk scatters
The rungs as we climb
Shrinking, ah, shrinking
The ladder of Time

© Janet Martin

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