Thursday, February 14, 2019

Because We Live In A Fallen World

(above photo from the archives to remind us living in an ice-ensconced world to hang in there!)

According to Your faithful love
(though troubles test and try)
Oh Lord, our God make it enough
To know You know the 'why' 

According to sufficient grace
(for You have promised this)
Oh Lord, our God, hold us in place
When all else seems amiss

According to Your perfect peace
Foreign to unbelief
Oh Lord, our God help us release
Our doubt to Mercy's Chief 

According to Your Divine Law
(ah, who can comprehend?)
Oh Lord, our God, fill us with awe
For Love that has no end

Lord, we live in a fallen world
But hope is not deterred
For Love will triumph over all
According to Your Word

Janet Martin

 ...we live in a fallen world so we will have troubles,
 not planned/orchestrated by God but allowed by He whose love will never fail.

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