Friday, February 1, 2019

Let's Make Love

 Let's make love a daily celebration
Welcome (Lord-willing) to two weeks of focusing on the tenderest, testing-est,
loveliest, trickiest, truest topic above all; Love

(one of my favourite love-songs of all time!)

And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.

Let’s make love the utter reason
For each darling dream and dare
Touch the timbre of each season
With the reverence of prayer

Let’s be nicer to each other
Who knows who is next to fly
Past Passion’s dust-to-dust border
Through the reaches of the sky

Let’s dance, not like one-night lovers
But with a lifetime to learn
The fine art of hearts that hunger
For more than Time’s no return

Let’s be brave enough to utter
Words like ‘not my will but thine’
Let’s make love the bread and butter
In this life of yours and mine

Let’s not try to plan tomorrow
Let’s make love patient and kind
Oh my darling, joy and sorrow
Are like lovers, intertwined

For the laws of imperfection
Makes life’s making love far more
Than the intimate affection
That a kiss likes to explore

Let’s cast off our inhibition
Brave the fear of letting go
Bold enough for true submission
To the One who Loved/loves us so

© Janet Martin

Here's to two weeks of a whole lotta love songs


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