Saturday, February 2, 2019

As Love Is Our Witness...

As Love is our witness
Worship cannot hide
God of forgiveness
Forgive foolish pride

Forgive the falsehood
We try to disguise
As something pure and good
When it is lies

Forgive the stumble
When face-first, we sprawl
You make us humble
By letting us fall

When we try to impress
Oh Lord, you know
How to remind us
By Whose grace we go

© Janet Martin

 Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.

I will never forget a very humbling fall years ago when I worked at an in-store bakery. 
I had dashed (most likely in unnecessary frenzy)
 to the walk-in freezer (after the time of day when I had hoped to be home)
standing on some hurriedly-piled boxes to reach something on the top shelf
when the stack gave out and I landed heels over head with the door open
and a truck-driver delivering goods happening to pass by just then...
He laughed til he cried then quickly came to my aid
where I was trying to right myself (esp my dress!!!)
He asked my forgiveness while dissolving on the floor in a fit of laughter again, saying 
it was truly one of the 'funniest things' he had ever seen.
I, mortified beyond words returned to the bakery in a much meeker state of mind.

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