Tuesday, February 5, 2019

So Much To Love For #2

 Sometimes, suddenly, from most unexpected graces
on a most ho-hum day, so much to love for
steals my breath away...

So much to love for
Full of so much joy
Like wee girl with curls
And Mr. Mischief-boy
Like pat-a-cake baby
With soft teddy bear
Like half-smiling ‘maybe’
Left dangling mid-air
Like high noon of August
The room with a view
The two-thirds penned sonnet
Like ‘I love you’
From fathers and mothers
From fresh-coffee cups
From sisters and brothers
And waggy-tailed pups
From day-break’s pink hinges
To twilight’s debut
Where tangerine fringes
Fray to midnight blue
Where hope is an angel
Five, with freckled grin
Where joy is a cherub
With chubby cheeks, double chin
Where Want is a star-spangled
Banner of sky
And wish is the twinkle
In a lover’s eye
And dream is a garden
With flower and child
Where happiness pardons
Intention run wild
And sparkle of laughter
Forgives wand'ring weed
And the hunger after
Summer turns to seed
Where, autumnal splendor
Turns to dismal gray
Where so much to love for
Makes worth every day

© Janet Martin

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