Friday, February 8, 2019

Befitted for Love

 Love trades duty for honor
Love remembers to ask
Love's kind and gracious Author
To fit us for its task

Two little girls, the same size with the same names
are 'enjoying' same nap-times😀
...well, one is. the other one is making way too much noise to qualify as napping:)
(who knew love could be SO exhausting)
on their part and mine!
They are both kept quite busy 'borrowing' toys from each other
 and I am kept busy trying to sort what is who's!
But two not-even-two-yet girlies are pretty easy to convince
with another  'toy-bribe'
Time for a quick poem-coffee-break before #3 arrives.
#3 is all of two and boasts the title Grandson so
the dynamics change a bit just because when
you're all of 2 years + a month toy-bribes don't work as well anymore;
esp. at Grandma's house where he is the super-star!😊
Ah life! love!

One of the toy-bribes...inspired by Aiken Drum !

The quiet eye of heart and soul
With wily want and will to weigh
Rivals with noise of common toll
Where fact and fancy war and play
To teach thought’s vision to behold
*‘Midst gales of gray, hope’s glints of gold

Tell me, is ever time enough
To learn all that we ought to know
It seems to me life’s fist-a-cuff
Is always poised to wield a blow
Whilst we, with black eye, bloody lip
Brace for love’s next face-plant or trip

The mind is more than it may seem
Thought’s powerhouse produces touch
It harbours with its darling dream
The slyer skill of schemes and such
Where no one is immune to fear
Or the tempter’s impulsive leer

This dust we stir is soon subdued
A blur entombed in history
Where not one footstep can intrude
To rearrange time’s estranged spree
While love alone makes worth the leap
Twixt birth and death’s eternal sleep

The quiet eye of heart and soul
The mighty powerhouse of mind
Would be a futile rigmarole
With only havoc left behind
But for the humble servant’s prayer
To befit us for love’s warfare

© Janet Martin

*right now we are having gales of gray with no glints of gold!

Sometimes by Friday, life's noise sounds louder 
and good intention's poise is wobbly at best.
Thank-you God for your wise order 
of 'six days work' 
then a day of rest!

Today's wind has me humming this tune😁

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