Friday, February 1, 2019

Consider Yourself Warmed, oops, I mean Warned!

The word 'beware' can be replaced with 'be aware' if you prefer!

Beware of the flowers
Noon showers, blue breeze
Of bracken-fringed bowers
Of silver-capped seas
Of wild apple orchards
And autumn-tinged woods
Of moon-dappled gardens
Where willow-wind broods

Beware of green meadows
Of gold-tousled hills
Of twilight’s tall shadows
And midnight’s starred rills
Of ice-cream and daydream
Yes, beware of this
Especially the sunbeam
That feels like a kiss

Beware of the chair
That was not made for two
Beware of the air
Imbibed with dusky dew
Beware of the river
Behind the old church
Beware of the shiver
Of poplar and birch

Beware of the fingers
Strumming strings of grass
The moment that lingers
When it ought to pass
Beware of desire
Beware of the spark
That kindles a fire
Before it is dark

Beware of brook-banter
Of thoroughbred thrills
Of sky-high decanter
That drains as it fills
Pay heed to these warning;
Beware of tick-tocks
They steal mist-mauve mornings
And sunset-bathed docks

Beware of mud-puddles
And most common things
That stirs and befuddles
A world full of kings
Beware of the years, dear
You’ll learn soon enough
That nothing is as it appears
Dearest dears
If you are in love

© Janet Martin

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