Saturday, February 23, 2019

...And then, With Something Soft and Fierce

There is nothing darker than the window of the soul without hope
There is nothing brighter than the window of the soul where hope streams through the dark

many of us feel helplessly sickened as we hear the cold awful truths about abortion...
where hope is looking in all the wrong places and resorts to the hands of killers
who somehow see themselves as hope! soft newborn baby-faces to kiss because life's reality looks hopeless without God!
Our family is gearing up for more newborn baby kisses in a month...(Lord willing!)
and the idea of killing a baby at this stage of pregnancy 
simply sickens me to the utter core of existence!
(I saw a video last night where this was the case😢)

(we all feel like this sometimes, don't we? after we've tried and tried to stay on our feet
.... But life is a sheet of ice!)
and as I loved and laughed yesterday...

.... I couldn't help but think of the millions of babies 
who fly straight to the Arms of their Maker beneath the hands of human monsters
which we all potentially are before Love's/salvation's transformation takes place and hope has a goal!

Hebrews 6:18
Thus by two unchangeable things in which it is impossible for God to lie, 
we who have fled to take hold of the hope set before us may be strongly encouraged.

2 Timothy 2:13
if we are faithless, He remains faithful, for He cannot deny Himself.

…and then with something soft and fierce and stronger than mere touch
The wick within the warrior’s chest is quickened with a flame
That withstands The Impossible of what is seen and such
As hope restores its fire through the One from whence we came

For nothing is Impossible with He who rules the World
In spite of scoffing ridicule by those who do not choose
To trust love’s just Rewarder who, recorded in His Word
Does not forget His promises or alter ordained dues

Holy the hope that heeds more than man’s maimed advocacy
And clings to cords not severed yet while lords of evil gloat
Unshakeable, unbreakable, the Law and love of He
Who has triumphed and yet waits while hope keeps Time’s ship afloat

Do not despair for hope beams brightest in the darkest place
Ignorance with most macho boast cannot Hope’s halo dim
Abortionists and atheists cannot slaughter God’s grace
Inhale, exhale, life pulses with the Very Proof of Him

Man, though he snuffs the breath of life cannot conquer the soul
No man can author birth for God alone wills life to be
And death, the equalizer of the flesh is but the toll
Where Hope of Heaven, dread of hell becomes Reality

then, Hope is nothing more than cold ash after fires flamed
Its grand mission accomplished as the heart of man is stilled
When some will see too late the awful fate of Hope unclaimed
And some will thrill as Hope in all its glory is fulfilled

© Janet Martin

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