Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Like A Poet's Blank Page

 Daybreak-sky fabric was my favorite shade of denim etched in gold...
(photo does not do the real Thing justice)

New day, like a poet’s blank page
Beckons from ether reams
Where bouts of grief and gladness wage
Their wars twixt chores and dreams
To try the warrior of want
With tests to tame the tongue
Where deed alone will prove the font
Of words so aptly flung

Soon Time will tell the total truth
As Choice collects its pay
Where The Unraveler of youth
Takes not one holiday
And not one maestro is immune
And not one bard forgot
The poet’s most passionate tune
Thwarts nothing with ink-jot

…save here and there a sudden storm
For love is bitter-sweet
And sadness can be lithe of form
But heavy with defeat (Du’ feet)
And Hope for all its heaven-sent/scent
Is sometimes hard to feel
Where hunger scores the mortal bent
That poems help to heal

Where new day sets its virgin yen
Before thought’s wondering eye
The fire in The Poet’s Pen
Ignites the ink-well sky
And from the sum that waits to be
Life starts to fill the page
Soft-shaping into poetry
What grief and gladness wage

© Janet Martin

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