Thursday, February 21, 2019

A Mighty Difference

 It's that word 'inasmuch' I replied to Victoria,
when she wondered why I said 'yes' the other week when 'no'
felt far more comfortable!
That word 'inasmuch' is life-changing when you stop to picture this scene!!! 

But, I added, I wish I could say my love is greater than the call of duty...
that's the kicker; whether action is a clanging cymbal only or from the heart!

It makes a mighty difference
If what we say and do
When weighed in worship’s balance, Lord
Is said and done for You

How special then each humble task
How reverent life’s call
Where not one duty that You ask
Is counted as too small

Where ‘inasmuch’ keens heart and soul
To look beyond Time’s shell
To pray, when death unveils the Whole
We served our Master well

© Janet Martin

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