Monday, May 5, 2014

This Holding-Letting Go

This holding-letting go
Perplexes our reach
In moment-metered ebb and flow
Across Time’s phantom beach
Where love, longing and loss
Their tendrils intertwine
An ephemeral albatross
Of delicate design

How privileged are we
Love’s darling care to bear
The cap-sheaf of our deepest grief
Stuns us beyond compare
For in its gentle hold
We learn to dream and dance
Forgetting the climactic fold
Of double-edged romance

This test of want and will
Ravages human heart
While love composes madrigals
Its nuances impart
A tender, sweeter song
Of wildly, wondrous woe
As heartstrings resolute, hold on
While learning to let go

Love does not gift to us
Commodities to hoard
But grants within its lenient touch
A rare, richer reward
For touch, lavish, intense
Precedes the letting go
As it prepares a recompense
That holding cannot know
© Janet Martin


  1. Came here for a wee break ...
    now tears at this...:)
    yup, it can be done and it is only then that we learn that we can...
    still laugh and dance....

  2. ...and with deeper appreciation:)


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