Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Loneliness of Love

The loneliness of love I cannot bear
Yet we are called to suffer long its weight
And carry to the grave its cross of care
For in the want of Love our God is there
To guard the heart from legions primed with hate

The heaviness of love is like a stone
Not hung about the neck but on our tears
Where quiet sorrows rage, and all alone
We fill the dark of night with prayer-wrought groan
When there is no escape where hunger sears

The agony of love must wear its thorns
And pray the Lord perhaps for mercy’s rose
To fill the place where loneliness oft scorns
Our best intent; the air in wretched ribbons torn
Where Love its longer, harder moil bestows

Humility of love bears with kind grace
The dissatisfaction of humanness
Though we covet true love’s tender embrace
And yearn to feel its kiss upon our face
Love bears all things, believes God’s promises

© Janet Martin

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