Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Perpetual discourse, this stream
Rushes in want, worry and dream
Accusation and worship surge
Filling mute fathoms with their splurge
Dawn, noon, wakeful middle-night
We bear the potence of their plight

Word touches word and shapes a thought
Faith, fear, hate, love and longing caught
Within its vortex endlessly
This torrent rushes to a sea
Where none can ever truly find
These oceans carried in the mind

…save for the thought that wears a noise
To tell of living’s grief and joys
Yearning, learning and wanderlust
Echoes in hollows filled with trust
Incessant urge from mystic deep
Word follows word until we sleep

© Janet Martin

Ever wish you could just turn them off...like in the middle of the night when they crowd away sleep?
What are your first 'thought-words' when you awake?
We ought to give careful thought to what we think...
Pray we have a constructive, healthy thought-stream...the pulse of everything else we do!

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