Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hint 'o Spring Homage

The starving wood will soon be dressed
In garments grand with eagerness
Desire and duty ally
Like poetry against blue sky
As faithfulness of Time bestows
To leafless twig and sprig, a rose

Assurance spreads its gilded lot
Through heart-hollow and woodland plot
Where April’s scolding wind was harsh
A kinder zephyr strums the marsh
As ragged overcoats are shed
In hopes of emerald and red

Beggar and baron grin to see
The sheen of green on dormant lea
As winter discontentment fades
In daffodil-trimmed palisades
Where soft Spring’s season -maps unfold
Across earth’s umber, green and gold

© Janet Martin

 Our first truly fabulous spring day today!


  1. Words rarely give live scenery justice, but your beautiful poetry has the ability to do just that...this is beautiful Janet...and I love your blog's new look! :-)

  2. Thank-you Carrie, I thought the blog might like a spring 'out-fit':)

    I love writing nature-poems; it's what derails my resolve to write less every time!!

    I'm not sure what is right...I struggle with guilt of over-writing and feel miserable!!! when i don't let it out. sigh...

  3. This one is just lovely! It has a sort of Emily Dickinson quality in the meter and imagery, but frankly I like it better than her poems. (Hers always seem to start off good and whimper off in disappointment. Yours didn't.)

  4. Debbie, you encouragement is truly lovely. thank-you so much!

    I agree with you...her poem endings often mystify and vex me, but I am humbly honored to be mentioned anywhere NEAR her! thank-you again.

    Hope Georgia weather is being a little more friendly these days!

  5. I absolutely love the flow and the imagery of this piece. Excellent. Thank you. ~ Michael

  6. Beautiful. Yes, we're waiting for the green. It's slowly coming. Blessings to you. Pam

  7. Thank-you Michael and Pamela.

    We are certainly appreciating temps not dipping below freezing anymore!


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