Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Of Swatch of Sod and Sweep of Sky

We splash across earth’s waking green
Past-present-future caught between
A swatch of sod and sweep of sky
Its palette pleasant to the eye
In constant marvel, life and death
Are juxtaposed in every breath

And soon where blooming bud was lent
The limb is gnarled and heavy-bent
Time’s draught of moments takes its toll
Where we are all piece of a whole
Greater than thought or touch and taste
Ere dust to dust retrieves its waste

Freedom; life’s greatest blessedness
Nor for greed’s wanton lawlessness
But as we grasp its worth we see
A sacred, elemental key
…Responsibility and Rule
Not for the faint of heart or fool

We yearn with clear and earnest eyes
To satisfy Time’s moment-prize
With more than dust of darling dreams
Or wanderlust-betaken schemes
For surely life is more than breath
To lead us to eternal death

We splash across earth’s waking green
Toward a Line, sure yet Unseen
Of tick-tock trampling underfoot
The miles transporting us to It
Time’s sweep of sky and swatch of sod
Life’s little highway back to God

© Janet Martin

I am reading through Peter Marshall’s sermons, dumbfounded by their simplicity and depth and timeless relevance…It is little wonder that the loss of his voice and verve were deeply mourned. Here, a small excerpt...

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