Monday, May 19, 2014

While We Were Waiting...

I would have waited, he told me
Running fingers through Fifty with sighs
Waited for what? I ask him
And he laughs as he replies
…Getting old

‘I turn eighty today’, the woman smiles
As he asks her what life has taught
She says ‘as I look back
Asking what would I change? I realize
A lot’

We cannot deter Time’s one-way
Its ever-forward flight
Bestows new pages of Today
Ah pray, what will we write?

© Janet Martin

Hubby and his co-worker, both 50-ish, met a lady out for breakfast and celebrating her 80th birthday. She told them she was lying in bed the night before and she asked herself, as she looked back, what she would change if she could in her life, and she realized, a lot!
Jim’s co-worker laughed as he told me this and then said he would have waited to grow old if he had known it would happen so soon!
Wouldn’t we all?!

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