Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Free-fall of an Hour


Chiseled upon the free-fall of an hour
Are all those things we did
…and never do
Like love-letters scrawled in mute moment-power
On parchment only God
Can fully view
…and while I blush to read what thought can see
And memory, in remorse
Oft regrets
How ever-sad love’s sentiments would be
Without a God who forgives
…and forgets

With startling ease the clock consumes a year
The free-fall of an hour
Slips through Hope’s glove
While root furnishes its blooms the atmosphere
Is charged with keen relinquishment
Of love
And soon the petal-tears of Wanting weep
Where faith and dreams
Caressed Time’s greedy dirt
And though we clench our fists we cannot keep
An hour of its laughter
Or its hurt

…save for the harbor of the heart where we
Gather a little while
Of Beautiful or anger’s Misery
Tried by our faith and fear fraught
Rise and falls
…and even now Time’s elements bequeath
From naught but air
Our hunger’s greatest power
How silently an ocean fills beneath
The touch wrought by the free-fall
Of an hour

© Janet Martin

Here today, gone tomorrow. 
None can one spent hour borrow
Stop, enjoy love's blooms today
Before Time steals them all away

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