Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Of Unforeseens

The Unforeseen hovers between what is and what will be
Its certainty and mystery trembles; how far away?
We touch this place of present Grace and opportunity
For what will be is much too much to try to bear today

The Unforeseen is a thought-sheen of hope and fear and faith
It twists within the heart; a mist, intangible yet sure
How easily our Want transforms hungers gossamer wraith
Where free-fall of Time’s fortune cannot one moment secure

The Unforeseen soon fills ‘has-beens’ and countless yesterdays
We cannot shoulder its duress and peace and happiness
And what tomorrow holds will in God’s time unfold its ways
Today is quite enough to fill with our humanness

The Unforeseen will spill with green and gray, pitch-black and gold
It tests our understanding of goodness, faith, hope and love
Yet, when It comes it will not be too much for God to hold
For then and only then will He His utmost power prove

© Janet Martin

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