Thursday, May 29, 2014

Forgive our Forgetfulness

The land is a-shimmer with dandelion-beams and summer-dreams...

Lord, help us not to lose in living’s repetitious way
The joy of loving you through all we think and do and say
How easily the tendency of discontentment tugs
Where Ordinary is the cloak of heaven’s mercy-hugs

Lord, help us not to disregard for Self, another’s need
Foregoing Your Greatest Command, for envy’s troubling greed
The clock of Life is winding down with every breath we take
Oh, may it be we do not walk in vain Time’s vapor wake

Lord, You desire to give us much more than thought can prove
And yet, how quickly we trust sight instead of Your kind love
Mortality forgets too soon what only Your love brings
Yet patiently You still prevail while we clamor for things

Lord, help us not to overlook the happiness of flowers
Or be far too consumed with this wee wanton life of ours
And should the grief of Consequence be more than we can bear
Remind us Lord, that You forgive and never cease to care

Lord, by Your grace we humbly go and only by Your grace
Each day a sacred stepping-stone to that Grand Meeting Place
So help us not to lose in living’s repetitious way
The joy of loving You through all we do and think and say

© Janet Martin

This morning as we prayed before Matt and Victoria headed off to school I was convicted by my own words…’Help us to remember to serve You with purpose today, wherever we are and to never forget why we are here’. ..and I was reminded of God’s mercy in life’s Ordinary repetition.

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