Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ah, Thee Who Sends The Rain...

 I'm certain we would all be choosing no rain right now but even as I write this thunder rolls across the deep
and we trust the Lord our way to keep...(yes, the farmers and gardeners and everybody! yes, those in the drought-stricken southwest too)

Ah, Thee who sends the rain
And lowers twilight’s veil
Then at the dawn draws it again
We know Thou wilt not fail

Ah, Thee who tends the air
And sees each private grief
Surely you hear our wordless prayer
When vexed by unbelief

Ah, Thee who discerns thought
And intent of the heart
Still, still you thrill earth’s season-rill
With Thy majestic art

And though Thou knowest we
Fear suffering over sin
Still we arouse Thy sympathy
And Mercy’s beckoning

Ah, Thee who holds the thread
Where flesh and soul divide
Instill faith greater than death’s dread
As Hope is satisfied

© Janet Martin


  1. This one feels inspired. The line: "Thee who tends the air" paints for me the image of a shepherd among the clouds. The line: "though we fear suffering over sin, still we arouse Thy sympathy..." puts me on my knees. Lovely, lovely poem.

  2. Thank-you. I love the picture it painted of A Shepherd among the clouds! Sorry for the late reply...computer problems and life is making things challenging right now!

    Thank-you for reading.


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