Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Contemplating Happiness

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I cannot keep you happy for long
Nor you me
Love, is more than have and hold
This disappoints, you see
For happiness must be three-fold
First God, then you and I
Else we are merely capable
Of expectation’s lie

Darling, how long we live is trite
But we should ask, ‘how well?’
Time’s kaleidoscope of morn to night
Tolls a most awesome bell
We cannot hear but somewhere
Parting lurks, oh may it be
That where two separate at last
Never, oh, never three

Time’s eons throb with love’s allowance
Of laughter and tears
Seasons sob with the advancing
To where Time disappears
Happiness in all its glory
Taunts our wants and woes
Until Heaven fulfills glimpses
Earth's three-fold love bestows

© Janet Martin

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