Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Isn't It Just Perfect?

Isn’t it just perfect; the colors on God’s brush
Never seem to run awry or dribble quite a muck
He touches to earth’s canvas masterpieces; frame on frame
Filling the universe with glimpses of His sacred name

Isn’t it just perfect; turquoise, periwinkle, tangerine
Who can boast of canvas ether blue and earthy-green?
Or who, with thought can breathe to Being beauty beyond word
Where only blindest ignorance fails to see Heaven stirred

Isn’t it just perfect; how His pages fit just right?
One melts into the next in seamless season-appetite  
As He hangs from time’s trestles wonderment to rare for pen
Yet, we cannot stay silent as He stuns our gaze again

Isn’t it just perfect; how a bit of sky and sod
Overwhelms the heart with worship as we witness Holy God
Brushing His Light on darkness, masterpieces, ageless, new
Oh, isn’t it just perfect, what the hand of God can do?

© Janet Martin

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful shots that go so well with this wonderful poem. Very nice! ~ Michael


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