Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Then, When We Sleep to Wake...

Then, when we sleep to wake and when we wake never to sleep
When the Unknown is gone and no more tears remain to weep
Then we shall understand that which we sought to know before
As Time yields to the Absolute of God’s forevermore

Then, when Hope is exchanged for Home and Home is hope fulfilled
When we have heard that final ‘Come’ as Death’s dark sea is stilled
Then, when the Mystery of soul and spirit are revealed
How worth it all is every grief as every grief is healed

Then, when at last faith becomes sight, sight absolves mortal strife
As death becomes a stepping-stone to everlasting life
And Time’s defenseless shadow fades into Love’s dauntless deep
Then, when we sleep to wake and when we wake never to sleep

© Janet Martin

Because, at the end of it all Reality abides; the sole/soul reason for conception, birth, death to life. We should live every day and seek to remember to never forget...Time is perishable and then we must all put on the Imperishable...

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