Friday, May 30, 2014

Torn Between Loving and Leaving...

God fills meadows with daisies and homes with Duty...

Torn between loving and leaving, my love
Torn by the tug of a breeze
Luring me from dirty dishes and rugs
To pink-petaled wild apple-trees

Torn between loving where nature is kind
And leaving this four-cornered room
But I am a mother and my love is not blind
This house needs a cloth and a broom

Torn between loving in colors of spring
And leaving what cannot be left
Is there a compromise? Tell me, darling
For time’s touch is subtle, yet deft

Soon the pink tree will be laden with fruit
Soon the soft breeze will turn cold
Soon earth’s new garment of green will be mute
Tempered by russet and gold

Torn between loving where wanderlust calls
And leaving meeker pleasures of home
Torn between loving and leaving, my love
Torn between Prudence and Poem

© Janet Martin

I glimpsed it through the pine-hedge while running an errand...wild apple-orchards in full bloom and I must go there, yet I must stay here...


  1. Go there, m'dear, the moments for apple blossoms are so few in a year. Dishes and dust we'll always have with us. as the butterfly. And I pray He give you grace to finish those other tasks easily.

  2. I will try to go this week. With hubby turning 50 today and a few other 'musts' on the calendar my day-hours were full! I hope they are still blooming tomorrow, after the birthday party. There's nothing like planning an event in our homes to motivate us to clean out those neglected corners!

    Not quite as much poetry this week but a lot of jobs done!

    Thank-you for the prayers. I feel like I'm missing a piece of me when there is no time to write or indulge in God's handiwork!

  3. p.s. Your first line is like the opening of a poem;)

  4. LOL... Maybe I'm a poet and I do not know it :)

  5. Brenda, there is SO much poetry in your writing. I am inspired in every visit! thank-you:)


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