Friday, May 2, 2014

Of Vain Vexation

Morning broods, like love disappointed
Familiarity juxtaposed,
Where Unknown wafts, an untold story
Ere its fortune is disclosed

Premise of love’s expectation
Tests the will twixt hand and heart
Perhaps we will always wonder
At ‘what if’s’ and unveiled art

What of all these years then, darling?
Will we find the words to say
Enough, or will they fade like dew and
Kisses counted yesterday?

Want vexes imagination
History exhumes its grave
Yet, it seems the explanation
Of its proof is all we have

Time is too short for lamenting
Hollows too vast for its might
Love demands our full attention
While we try to get it right

© Janet Martin


  1. Very wise...perfect summation in your close.

  2. thank-you. sigh. sometimes i wish i wasn't quite so much the expert at messing up but I guess the main thing is to keep trying 'cause we can never control anyone's action or reaction but our own...

    thank-you again, Jen.

  3. Ah yes, time is too short for lamenting. Indeed!

    BTW, I saw this on the InScribe Facebook page. I'm sharing it here in case you didn't see it there.

    Burnside Review Chapbook Competition is offered annually for the best previously unpublished poetry chapbook. Top prize is $200, plus publication. Deadline: June 30.

  4. Thank-you! no, I did not see it. um, I may need to 'friend' Inscribe yet. I'm not a very faithful 'face-booker'.


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