Wednesday, May 14, 2014

As We Slow Down our Thought...

The noise has died away as daylight seeks its rest
The child forsakes his play, the bird returns to nest
As we slow down our thought where light is almost gone
Drawing the shade on one more day closer to That Last One

Silence becomes a hum save for the distant bark
Of dog baying at the full moon; or stragglers in the park
Reluctant to return behind closed doors to sleep
Knowing how soon the morning urges darkness to the deep

Duty is set aside; its toil must wait til dawn
The intimacy of ‘good-night’ beckons in every yawn
And yet, within the tug of slumber we resist
To fully taste the fading fringe of farewell’s purple mist

…where we laid bare our dreams and scattered laughter, tears
Now twilight folds into its ream the filament of years
The child is fast asleep, the little birdie too
We turn to see the slow release of deeper, deeper blue

Thought is a microscope where sound does not distract
The hush of night like Holy Ground vulnerable in black
But Hope is not deterred by colors of the air
How mightily the soul is stirred as we fill thought with prayer

© Janet Martin

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