Monday, May 5, 2014

When Dawn Unfurls a Golden Sash

 It's so nice to see a gold-colored morning!

When dawn unfurls a golden sash
Above the hills soft-silver washed
And all the earth is morning-splashed
With Time’s refurbished Must
Then, we rejoice to see anew
God’s grace in glory-gilded hue
Where we embrace His purposed due
Of hope and faith and trust

When night recedes, an ether tide
Of dissipating dark to light
Somehow within the heart ignites
The will to carry on
For we are not forgotten souls
Ordained to suffer futile goals
Where Time its aimless air extols
In egotistic yawn

When, from a Fount we cannot see
Cascades kind opportunity
How grave Responsibility
Extends its pleading will
It fills the heart and hand with awe
Mercy and Goodness without law
Gifts human race with one more dawn
Love’s calling to fulfill

© Janet Martin


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