Friday, February 1, 2019

Sheer Wonder of So Much Love

Last night at supper we were discussing something that led to someone saying
how those days back then (of Emily and Melissa living at home)
feel like a dream and suddenly I had to swallow SO hard
to keep from adding extra salt to the soup I was eating...
 Time, what a trickster; turning something totally common into love's tender trophy, even now!

Suddenly I understand the song Row, Row Your Boat a little better...esp. with this video.

As a wife and mother I’ve learned things
 I thought I was incapable of
And would be utterly impossible
 If it wasn’t for so much love

As a wife and mother I carry
A hold beneath ivory-ribbed bars
A vault tattooed and almost buried
With wave upon wave of brave salt-stars

As a wife and mother I’ve tasted
Love’s bitterest gall and sweetest joys
And I’d wonder if it was worth it
But for so many precious girls and boys

As a mother and wife I could be
So sad over so much lost
Until I remember that love always comes
With so much cost

As a wife and mother I know I’d be
A continuous, emotional mess
If it wasn’t for the sheer, dear beauty of
So much happiness

© Janet Martin

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