Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Let's Just Stay Home

 All schools including colleges and universities are closed today in hopes that people 'just stay home'!
It's much safer for those trying to keep roads clear if there is less traffic skidding about!

Let’s just stay home
The wild wind wails
and flails its tears like broken glass
Let’s stoke the embers into flame
and make Cozy;
this too shall pass
Let’s snuggle beneath fuzzy shawls
while Nature decks its halls with B-r-r-r
Let’s bake a cake (or muffins)
to celebrate
Time’s creaky gait toward summer-r-r!
 Let’s count the ways we love thee, home
Thy warm welcome
never wears thin
How sweet the tempo of thy poem
How dear the laugh-lines
of thy grin
How beloved thy roof and walls
They gather us closer a bit
And shelter us from brutish brawls
while Old Man Winter throws a fit
...and heaven drops its hints of joy
in cheery kettle-tune and such
In happiness of girl and boy
at ease near mother's gentle touch 
Let's picnic by the fireplace
Let's just ignore the roaring clock
No, let's look time straight in its face
and savor every tick and tock
Let's live life slow;
let's be ourselves
Ah, never mind what others think
Family-arity fills shelves
with photos, books and poet’s ink
that authors within wood and stone
the solace of love’s humble prayer
while we work fingers to the bone
lest home-sweet-home becomes threadbare
So, not without meek, thankful thrill
do we utter this sacred Tome
while wild the gale exerts its will  
glad, glad we say;
let’s just stay home

© Janet Martin

and then the irony; while writing this poem Matt, after hearing his school is closed went straight to work. "I'm not sitting around here all day!" he said to his anxious mother😊

I got a text from a neighbour asking if its okay if she comes over today.
(I guess she's not feeling the 'let's just stay home' thing either😁)

Victoria on the other hand told me she's so glad to be home today 
because she didn't sleep very well last night due to the fact 
that she kept dreaming there was a crow in her room that constantly flew at her head😂


  1. Oh poor Victoria. Best stay close to home, as the crow flies! Beautiful stay-at-home tempting words, Janet. Lovely.

  2. Hello:) lol! I just bid her a crow-less goodnight's sleep;-)hope you had a cozy day too!


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