Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day!

A Valentine's Poem for rich and poor,
young and old,
single or wed

Today with all         its wonder waits
Who knows what will     befall   No need to fear;
nothing escapes The Greatest Love of all.  The heart,
 though primed with good intent…Is not a chocolate sweet
Its love is human, bred and bent  With hunger and deceit
But oh, what hope and happiness Instills this mortal glove
Because Someone saw fit to bless…Man’s want
and need with love; the best of this world’s
 treasure-trove can never fill the part
That God intended for His
 love that satisfies
the he-

© Janet Martin

We choose the language of wine, chocolate, roses
He, crown of thorns, sop of gall
He, by example showed love suffers crosses
He proved that love conquers all
So when love does not look like we envisioned
With starry-eyed fantasy
Lord, remind us of Love's ultimate mission
Remind us of Calvary

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