Sunday, June 10, 2018


I snagged a few pics from the front porch because it did not work to dash up the road tonight to get a better view, (due to getting home and quickly packing up hubby's supplies so he could leave... )

On westward shore to evermore the floor of heaven’s threshold gleams
And gathers from the sum of moments that which fueled yester’s dreams
And as the light of day grows dim farewell’s requiem tolls like a bell
It trembles in this cage of skin where soft the silent shadows fell
Then faded into blue on blue until the only thing we see
Are stars on stars on black on black and me with you and you with me

…and sometimes we feel caught between the love of what we have and hope
Where what we had slipped from our hands like the sun slips from far west’s slope
And fingers warm with what they held reach toward what yet waits to fill
The fond farewells that do not tell just how or what echoes will spill
Where the tree etched against pink air captures our gaze then disappears
Like a snuffed blaze into the haze that turns todays to yester-years

The moon lies like a glimmer on a listless lake of ebony
Today glints like a shimmer on the ageless page of memory

© Janet Martin

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