Thursday, June 14, 2018

Simply Learning

Little did the work-soiled farmer who stopped in the middle of a very busy day
realize what a portrait of daddy-love he 'painted'; 
...sitting in a wooden rocker beside his 4 yr. old birthday girl
at lunch yesterday, opening gifts and reading cards.
 (his 'looking back' will hopefully hold dear these precious moments)

Little 3 yr. old Girl, so excited to be invited was very proud of the gift she brought to give...
(she really wanted to keep it!)

(...but those are always the best gifts to give, aren't they; the ones we wish we could keep!)
When the party was over she asked if she could run up-stairs one last time so I followed her up and heard her say to the tea-set now arranged on the Birthday Girl's bed.
"good-bye, tea-party dishes. I will miss you"

I try hard not to look back and wish for things I cannot change. 
Its a good thing to be able to forgive ourselves and others for fumbles then let go and move on,
 hopefully with a nugget of wisdom and grace retained as 'reward'!

Looking back can be a lesson in reproach and raw regret
If we overlook the reason; we were simply learning yet
And those trip-and-fumble follies would be hallmarks of disgrace
If a headlong stumble handed only mud upon the face

Looking back can be a lesson in humility and love
For if we are truly honest there is evidence to prove
We are all-together students of desire’s scars and dreams
Where the days of Simply Learning are not over yet, it seems

Looking back can be a lesson in forgiveness at its best
Then, when its kind grace is granted we have courage for the rest
Where earth’s School of Life is filled with first-time-for-this fellowmen
And we all are Simply Learning (let’s all just be kinder then)

Looking back can be a lesson in learning to look ahead
And be very, Very mindful of this now-moment instead
So when its thread falls behind us; stitches none can rearrange
Then its looking back won’t bind us to the Things we cannot change

© Janet Martin

 Let your eyes look forward;
fix your gaze straight ahead...

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