Friday, June 15, 2018


Who loves mankind immutably
The work that He prepared us for
Is brimming from dawn’s beaming door
Where set among the blooms of June
And heavens hung with bluest noon
We never know what waits to be
From He who loves immutably
And fills the way we are with worth
Then calls us ‘the salt of the earth
Where this calling of High Esteem
Demands of us more than daydream
Though we should all take time to look
Into a silver-spangled brook
And bow beneath the hierarchy
Of He who lavishes the tree
And stirs the dark with ruddy bow’r
And probes the bud to leaf and flow’r
Arranging on favors of morn
The highs and lows of rose and thorn
Good-byes, hellos, laughter and tear
Soft-meld to make a life, my dear
But never out of reach of He
Who loves us all immutably

© Janet Martin

So much sorrow,
So much sickness
So much we will never know
Still the favor
Of God's kindness
Lends the grace whereby we go

So much longing
So much looking
For the peace not of this world
So much mercy
From the jars of dawn unfurled!

So much reason to reach for God's Hand where the sands of new day brim
Then, no matter what is waiting He will keep us close to Him 

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