Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Best There Is...

 By grace and love of God befitted
Pray we are all to His High Call committed...
In our say-and-do that pours from thought's trove
May we strive to prove "the greatest is Love"

(another back cover of an Evergreen magazine)

It listens, remembers
It laughs and it weeps
It waits without fretting
And it never keeps
Record of one’s weakness
But knows we are all
Prone to learning’s acme
Through stumble-and-fall

It cheers with the winner
Suffers other’s loss
And leaves its own interest
To help with a cross
Placed on the stooped shoulders
Of a fellow-man
It is mercy in action
It is change of plan

It is a peace maker
To fake it is vain
A shoulder to cry on
A port in our pain
Its kind reason grounds us
So patient and sharing
God bless those around us
Who are truly… Caring

© Janet Martin

I know...I've posted this song before but I felt like hearing it again and thought you might too!


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