Tuesday, June 12, 2018

This Very Twinkle...

It rumbles like a soundless stead over green-tumbled valley-bed
And shimmers like a cello-strain across a sweep of golden grain
And brushes far-off hills, soft blue with tender, splendor-layered hue
It aches in wakes of years gone by and breaks the bonds of eastern sky
And reaches through the dust and dew to teach the likes of me and you
To trust, not in the dance or dream but in He whose Love reigns supreme
And rules the order of the earth in schools of common death and birth
Where stunning compositions spill in awesome four-season quadrille
While we, from vantage points of dirt are startled by its hope and hurt
Where brokenness and beauty vie for the attentions of a sigh
And looking back cannot return one wink from its tremendous urn
But shapes with nothing more than grace This Very Twinkle taking place
Where standing tall cannot appease the need for falling to our knees
 And success wields a double-blade and happiness is moment-made
As ordinance of day to day turns Time into a lost highway
And draws us from its scope of sod back to Hope's Awesome Author; God

© Janet Martin

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