Tuesday, June 26, 2018

At Sweet, Sweet Last...Summer!

I began writing this poem on the first day of summer (first verse)
then suddenly time frisked five-days from my fingers...😒😊!
...in very wow-some ways!

Now dawns the fond season of long daylight hour
Of ponds filled with children and fields frilled with flow’r
Of earth all a-bloom with beauty as bud breaks
Of wheat fields a-shimmer, like bisque-colored lakes

Of lily-shaped chalice and laughter of leaves
The world like a palace of pastures and trees
And lilting of lark-song and droning of bee
And bare-footed canter of scholar, carefree

…and banter of breeze in the green before sheaves
And strawberries teasing taste-buds with ‘more please’
Of sun on a grand, golden platter at morn
Melting over gardens like butter on corn

Of hearts all agog with day-dreaming, oh my
Of strolling on beaches ‘til we touch the sky
Of soft-rolling surf smoothing out on the sand
And soothing the listener with its ageless band

Of sudden surprises too num’rous to name
Of wonder-filled Masterpieces none can frame
As simple arrangements of sky, sea and sod
Startles Longing’s smart with free art-work from God

Of rush of pure joy as plumes put on Best Frocks
Of rekindled friendships with pink hollyhocks
Of lying beneath high noon’s on-and-on sweep
Where clouds dot blue eons like woolly, white sheep

Of love’s keen awareness of what comes to pass
Of slowing our footsteps on sun-dappled grass
…and learning to linger in spite of the law
That authors both labor and slumber’s hurrah

Of rose-ravished rapture and sweat-lavished brow
Of caught between tug-of-heart wishes and Now
Of lolling at dusk while the dust of the day
Settles like gold mist where twilight’s minstrels play

Now dawns the fond flicker of June and July
Savor sun-sweet moments but don’t close your eyes  
Too long lest the bliss of its kiss turns to snow
And hold insists on its flipside, letting go

© Janet Martin

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