Monday, June 18, 2018

For Warriors in an Unforgotten World...

You Devil!!!...

You major in the art of heart-destruction; sly and vile
Evil master-pretender you ‘befriend’ as you beguile
Unholy and deceitful, you entice the likes of man
Your goal, to snare the souls of any-everyone you can

You are the enemy of Hope; you thrive on futile ploys
And decorate death’s filthy lucre with life’s loud, proud noise
Your aim and game, distraction, where the poison of your kiss
Tastes sweet at first and makes your curse feel like nothing’s amiss

You do not care; you flatter, dare, and hate is your grand boast
You slip a dagger into every weakness left exposed
For without the armour of God, none can withstand your wiles

You stalk your prey and lure us with the pith of painted dust
Instead of love you substitute idolatry and lust
For you are driven by your utter enmity with God
You know he knows your numbered days; you know you are a fraud

The evil-doer is your hero; you debilitate
Until thought is the worshiper of what we ought to hate
And those who do not stand on guard soon will not recognize
The danger of a downward spiral we ought to despise

You never sleep and in the dark you make your greatest plays
A marksman without mercy; you twist truth into a maze
And turn the fear of God into a fear of people’s jeers

Your pathway to destruction is so subtle in its dip
If we do not pay close attention our feet will slip
The Author of salvation is a kind and faithful friend
His cross, stained with redemption’s seal saves from hell’s endless end

You Lord!!! 
Your love is mankind’s comfort; it befits us for each task
Therefore, where before we abhorred accountability

Then the ‘freedom’ we thought we had exposes satan’s vice
Your peace that passes understanding; few, few seem to find
For first we must leave the Deceiver’s carnival behind

…and trust the Words of You who never leads any astray
Who never veers from promises no matter what ‘they’ say
The Way, The Truth, The Life; ah, who on earth can offer this?
Or usher us, at that last breath from Hell’s awful abyss

You, both Giver and Taker; Maker of  all we proclaim
Even the demons tremble at the mention of Your name
Or fault You, Father of Compassion in hope’s time of need

You hold the frailest prayer-ling fast and universe at large

You grant to Your followers, courage in the face of fear
The Unknown sets no stepping-stone beyond Your eye or ear
Your Word is steadfast in a world that offers no sure Thing
And helps all who believe endure life’s pain and suffering

Yet You help us through all You grant to test humility
When we are weak then You are strong; Your grace always enough

And should the Tempter try to lead us where Want will betray
Be Thou our kind Deliverer from evil, Lord we pray


© Janet Martin

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