Thursday, June 7, 2018

A Vow To Now and Here...A Birthday Poem

On one of Victoria and I's thrift-store expeditions this past winter 
we found a stack of Evergreen magazines. (filled with all sorts of British delights!!!)
This gem of a poem is on the back of one of the issues...
fitting as I turn another year older today!

Let me not pine for, or lament
For shriveled vines of summers spent
But commit, as years slip away
To cherish each and every day

Soft, swift the gift of Now and Here
Is gathered up in year-to-year
The evidence of daily grace
Kissed into ‘love-lines’ on my face

Then let me realize anew
The privilege of loving you
And never let complaint or fear
Taint time’s ephem’ral Now and Here

This thoroughfare of tear and *grin
That scrawls its living proof on skin
While gaining ground (not losing it)
Makes mid-life contemplate a bit…

…more on Time’s fragile haste of it
And how we dare not waste a bit
But vow, as moments slip away
To cherish each and every day

© Janet Martin

Thank-you God for the gift of another year in the books!

*a little chuckle (and to writers, a reminder to proof-read before posting)
as I proof-read I found I missed the 'r' in grin changing the mood of that line entirely!!!
reading instead..Its thoroughfare of tear and!

My sister sent me this song this morning. LOVE it! thank-you Lucy!


  1. Lovely poems, both!
    Have a wonderful birthday, Janet! Good health and happiness to you and yours.
    Cyber hugs,

  2. thank-you so much! playing catch-up this morning after long BUSY days:)
    Thank-you for the birthday wishes
    and sending cyber-hugs back!



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