Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Always Simply This

Today marks the end of an 'era' as this will be an all-scholar family in September
 (no more need for regular daycare)
so of course there are heart-tugs tonight!

'This pretty much sums it up' I thought this morning
as I watched the bubbles shimmer and pop!

Moment, ah, moment, you weave in your wake
Echoes, ah, echoes of time’s give and take
Turning the commonplace colors and care
Into a masterpiece etched on the air
Where have-and-hold folds into had-and-held
As gray and gold mold mist-oceans that meld
Faces and places and laughter and tears
Painting dawn’s graces/chases into yester-years
Where hearts are hubs of hard hugs and soft sighs
Torn twixt the tug of hellos and good-byes

Teaching, ah teaching us to taste what Is
Reaching, ah reaching cannot restore This
Which soon will drift to Past’s ethereal shore
Washed by the whispers of what is no more
Where for a moment we danced on sand-bars
Tangled at twilight in ribbons and stars
...catch a round rainbow and watch it go pop
Time tunes a tango no minstrel can stop
Tick-tock by tick-tock, today soon will be
Tomorrow’s beautiful memory

See how a river of ripples runs wild
Gushing through gardens where I was a child 
Taking the fellow and leaving a man
Time's trickster calling 'catch me if you can'
Dangling from rafters of seasons that fall 
Making trapeze artists of us all 
Touching and yearning, now high and now low
Loving and learning, now hold, now let go
Leaving us breathless by your easy kiss
Moment, ah moment, always Simply This

© Janet Martin

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