Wednesday, June 20, 2018

A Universal Cheer/ 'Church'

 I have to admit, after a photo someone posted on FB 
because they saw this masterpiece doubled over a lake,
(not blocked off by buildings, trees and a sink full of greasy dishes)
I was bowled over momentarily with a green wave of envy...
 then immediately 'smacked' with rebuke 
by the remembrance of those sick, suffering and sorrowing!

p.s. why was there still a sink full of dishes at 9:00? 
because we lingered longer at supper
laughing over a freshly bathed, blonde-curled, pink, little 'piggy/aka grandson'
prancing about the house...

The wonder of creation is a universal cheer
A daily celebration midst mankind’s laughter and tear
God’s handiwork transfixes us; where sod and sky and sea
Makes worshipers of all who marvel at the poetry
Of dusk on water, bloom’s first color, heaven’s dark and light
Of moon on misty, musky summer’s mellow middle-night
Of season over season’s unequivocal allure
That helps make far more bearable the cares we must endure
Beneath a canopy where we glimpse Majesty of He
Who sets at large His Best (no charge) if we have eyes to see
So, in time’s quiet quick of it, let's pause a bit, full-awed
Amidst love’s fighting thick of it, by the artwork of God

© Janet Martin

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