Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Weight That Waiting Brings...and other Thoughts

I had to chuckle at the coffee break question on The Weather Network 

on this lovely almost-summer morning....

Coffee Break question

Would you rather have a day at; -25 C with no wind, or -25 C after the windchill?

 "Just think!" sighed Victoria dreamily last night, "in Heaven
we will be able to lie in a field of flowers with NO ants crawling on us!!!"

The weight that waiting brings would wring the heart with worry, oh
But for the blest assurance from the grace whereby we go

The green that grants the blush rush of blooms by the brook and fence
Invites us to wander with God and His kind Providence

The door twixt nevermore and evermore is pushed ajar
A glorious invitation to exactly where we are

The more we have the more we want, sometimes it seems to me
Thus it behooves us to test wishes with humility

Do not despair; the cares of life, for all their hurt and ache
Are beheld by the One who loves us and makes no mistake

The Mystery that hoists the mighty mast of Hope’s ahoy
Anchors the vessel in a Rock that nothing can destroy

Take heed lest greed usurps the seed where want and need enmesh
And we, without awareness serve the lordship of the flesh

Ah poetry, ah, poetry, still waiting to be written
Here’s hoping we will always suffer, poem-hunger smitten

© Janet Martin

 This is the style of poem that has the potential to grow as the day unfolds...

(what waits in the wings, who knows but One?!)

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