Thursday, June 28, 2018

Dear Pretty Pleasure

This morning's 1-minute Bible Love Notes  devotion focused on a topic that has filled a train of thought  going round and round in my head recently! 

I've listened to this message many times because it encourages us to be diligent and wise! 

Dear Pretty Pleasure...
You steal, with bold appeal, attention’s appetite to fill
Where taste and look and listen are always eager to thrill
Be careful, some enjoyments seemingly harmless at first
Drop little seeds that grow into a fruit flagrantly cursed

The root of evil oftentimes disguised by pleasure’s vim
Flaunts little lies to lure our eyes from attributes of Him
And not until the sting of consequence startles our gaze
Do we become aware of Temptation’s ingenious ways

…of tearing down while we were busy being quite at ease
With the compliance to senses always eager to please
Where human nature does not care to pay a pretty price
For something that purchases nothing… but humble sacrifice

Popular opinion based only upon Opinion’s sum  
Begets from dregs of blind belief a horrendous outcome
My dear, my precious, dearest child, pray God to draw your eyes
To look into His word to ever keep you truly wise

Our God, a kind forgiver forgives the mistakes we make
He does not leave us helpless or hopeless; but for our sakes
He gave His word, His perfect word that will not pass away
But guards and guides us with pure truth toward the Judgement Day

© Janet Martin

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